Own a Tommy Pastrami Deli Franchise

Tommy Pastrami. More than just another burger joint!

We are more than just talk…


Tommy Pastrami’s best advertising is word-of-mouth. When someone enjoys - better yet, loves - one of our big overstuffed delicatessen sandwiches, they will more than likely tell someone else about it. That is what makes us special. We have a popular, appealing concept that brings in not only the customers, but their family and friends, and keeps them coming back, time and time again.


True passion for great food and outstanding support!


Tommy Pastrami is born out of a whole lot of passion, and a dedication for creating something different in the food service industry. And… with that same passion and dedication that created Tommy Pastrami, Tommy Pastrami is there for the franchisees.

Better yet, more than just training sessions and manuals – expert and compassionate guidance - is just a phone call away. No matter what time or day, you can count on Tommy Pastrami’s support team to be there to answer your questions, give feedback or simply, walk you through a concern.

Why? Tommy truly cares. It all comes from spending 40 years in every aspect of the restaurant business and the desire to share that cumulative knowledge with the entire Tommy Pastrami team.

Of course… the Tommy Pastrami program provides a full set of franchise support services, including:

    Initial Training:
  • Complete three week training for seven qualified individuals at headquarters
  • One week on-site start up at franchise location with the Tommy Pastrami team
  • Input on how to design and best construct or renovate your selected location
  • Confidential operations manual with proprietary Tommy Pastrami recipes
  • Guidance on hiring and retaining managerial and other staff
  • Help with carefully selected bread, meat and other key suppliers
  • Pre-opening – signage, promotions, grand opening
  • On-going – assistance with the development of ongoing campaigns

Now, it’s time to take the next step, and join the BIGGEST thing to hit the quick-serve scene.

For more information, call Tommy direct at 714.608.4412 for a meet-and-greet.