Overstuffed Delicatessen Sandwiches are BIG!

Tommy Pastrami Delicatessen knows how to "make 'em good"!


Tommy Pastrami Deli Restaurants offers a unique experience to those people who are looking for quick, high quality, good tasting food. Tommy Pastrami Deli is a great new concept that combines an authentic New York-style delicatessen setting with a modern quick-serve approach.

With a broad selection of authentic hot and cold overstuffed sandwiches and other specialties, the Tommy Pastrami Delicatessen Restaurants menu is the result of a lot of hard work to achieve just the right combination of quality ingredients and popular recipes. All our sandwiches are made with the best ingredients, including our proprietary pastrami and other top-quality delicatessen meats, and are a perfect blend of big taste and big portions. The Tommy Pastrami experience is much more traditional, flavorful, and satisfying than the typical fast food restaurant. Even the bread we use is baked on site.

Whether our customers want to eat-in, take-out, or cater an office or private party, we have something for everyone.

Tommy Pastrami is the result of over forty years of training and mastery of a skill, combined with a true passion for the food industry.

And, of course, Tommy Pastrami Delicatessen Restaurants are a fantastic business opportunity! If you interested in a opportunity in the Orange County and Los Angeles area, contact the corporate office at 714.608.4412