Meet Mr.Tommy Pastrami


More than 40 years ago, Tommy's career began in Brooklyn, New York, working at a local delicatessen owned by a man named Irving. He was a young and aggressive person who had a passion early in life for the restaurant industry. He worked long, hard hours and was determined to learn the food business.

Learning from the ground up – from dishwashing, taking out the trash, and bussing, to waiting on tables and preparing items, to the lead cook – he had done it all. Throughout the years, Irving always reminded him to use only the best ingredients and meats, explaining, “These ingredients are what make people happy when they eat here.” Tommy took this piece of advice to heart.

When his mentor, Irving, passed away, Tommy headed West. Arriving in Phoenix, Arizona, he knew he had found the right place and time to open his very own restaurant. The restaurant became very successful in a short time; Tommy quickly outgrew it and opened a large, full service New York-style delicatessen.

The menu featured overstuffed sandwiches of pastrami, corned beef, brisket, plus chicken matzo ball soup and other great favorites. The word spread quickly within the area and traveled throughout the surrounding towns. People came from everywhere to experience traditional New York food. That beginning gave rise to the concept behind Tommy Pastrami today.

"Over the years, I modified the full service concept and changed locations, but never stopped serving the New York-style overstuffed delicatessen sandwiches and other favorites that were so delicious and popular."

- Tommy Cassella, Founder of Tommy Pastrami